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What is an automatic watch movement?

An automatic watch is a watch with a movement that is self-winding. Our watches use the wrist and arm motion of the wearer to wind the mainspring and give the watch energy to stay powered during the day. An initiation process is required which will be explained below.  

Other watch movements include quartz movement and manual movement. A manual watch needs to be wound by hand on a regular basis. Quartz movement is powered by a battery which would need occasional replacing of the battery.  

How does the automatic movement work? 

An automatic (self-winding) watch is powered by the natural movements of the wearer, which removes the need for a battery or daily winding. However, in order for an automatic watch to function properly, your Kalon Watch must be wound manually when it is first received, and also whenever the power runs out due to lack of movement.

To manually wind an automatic watch, turn the winding crown (typically located at the 3 o’clock position) in an upward, clockwise direction for 20-40 revolutions, or until you feel that the spring is fully loaded. Note that a screw-down crown will need to be unscrewed before winding the watch. After this initiation process is completed, the watch will automatically maintain its power reserve as it moves about. An automatic watch should be worn at least eight hours a day to maximize the power reserve. If the watch has been sitting still for more than a day or so, the manual winding process will need to be repeated.


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